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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday -New Italian Surname Database Blog

The Italian Surname Database has been growing steadily and even more so within the last few months and so I thought it was time to add a bit to it. The original Italian Database was created in 2007 with approximately 10 names on it using the free Google Sites. Within a few months the decision was made to move it over to its new home and the template looked something like this. It was created and maintained by my good friend, Liz Sharp. Liz also created all the banners and logos you see on all the sites.
The Facebook Italian Surname Page was created a few weeks ago and already has several fans. The next step was to create an Italian Surname Blog. I'm not sure the direction it will be going in but for now I am using it to highlight certain tidbits about surnames and how they came to be or how they have changed over the years. I will also use it to try and answer some of the more interesting questions I receive daily and find myself answering over and over again.
So if you get the chance please do check out the new addition to our site and let me know what you think!