Monday, February 15, 2010

Halifax Jun 1961 - On a train bound for Toronto

Mom arrives in Halifax and boards a train bound for Toronto. A stranger in this new country, alone and lacking any real skills of communicating in the English language but somehow manages. A man approaches her and asks her if this is the train to Toronto (smooth, Dad! You couldn't come up with something better?) and she looks at him as if he's lost his mind. She knows exactly who he is and so they proceed with the introductions and shake hands - keep in mind they are married at this time so perhaps a small kiss would not have been out of line? -He asks her if she wants a piece of gum (Come on Dad - not even flowers? Run Mom, run!) and she politely refuses. They make small talk throughout the journey and once in Toronto he drops her off at her aunts house.
So, how did they get married? Well they actually married twice. Since Mom lived in Italy, and Dad in Toronto, one of my father's brother's went to Malito and stood proxy for him as they married in the Comune in a Civil Ceremony on 11 Dec 1960. My father then sponsored my mother to come to Canada with a letter promising to marry her in the Church here in Toronto. And so two weeks later, on the 1 Jul 1961, with a borrowed Wedding Dress and hardly any family, my Parents officially married in Saint Mary of Angel's Church. The reception was held in the basement of my Aunt's home and unfortunately there were no pictures taken - only a 12" album of them saying their vows in the Church which some 15 years later was mis placed during a move.
Again, while I know this sounds all like a very strange way to find a spouse, it apparently worked because this year they will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Maybe they had it right after all?