Saturday, March 13, 2010

Surname Saturday - Fuda

Domenica Caterina FUDA
Today I want to honour my Paternal Grandmother, Domencia Caterina FUDA. I only met her once back in 1972 but I remember her as a very small but strong woman. She was born in Gerace Marina (now Locri) on 24 Aug 1889 to Nicodemo Domenico son of Giuseppe & Angela Ferraro. In 1913 she married Enrico ANGILLETTA. By 1915, she became pregnant and Enrico went off to fight in WW1. He was killed in battle in August of that same year. Caterina gave birth to a daughter in February 1916 (who is still alive and well passed away in Sept 2013 at the age of 97). She remained a widow until Enrico's younger, and single brother Francesco returned from the War. In Southern Italian tradition, it was customary that if a sibling lost a spouse and there was a single sibling alive, then he/she would marry the widow/widower of his/her sibling and raise any children as their own. In 1918, Francesco and Domenica married in a Civil ceremony. They had six children together in the 57 years they were married. She died suddenly and peacefully on 14 March 1975. I have not been able to find out much about her other than her parents names. Fuda is a very common name and well spread out in Reggio Calabria and so, with the help of some friends, I have started collecting as many records about the Fudas as I can in the hope that I will find a connection to her ancestors. You can view some Fuda records on my websites located here and here.


******** ************ said...

Hi, I am helping a friend research her family tree for the surname of Fuda also from Calabria. I am confused though where the Fuda name fits in to your Grandmothers family as your mention her father's surname was Ferraro and her husbands surname was ANGILLETTA? My friends ancestors name was Vincenso Fuda, Birth 1850 in Italy. His son was Nicola Fuda
Birth 07/09/1877 in Martone, Reggio di Calabria, Calabria, Italy. Do you happen to have either of those names in your family tree? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thank you, Stacey

Nuccia Salvati said...

Hi Stacey. I have run across records for the family you are researching but are not part of my family tree. I can have a look through what I have and if I come up with anything I can post you a message here!

Nuccia Salvati said...

Oh and her father's name was Domenico FUDA - her mother was Angela FERRARO.