Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Australia to Italy: Getting married Italian Style

From Australia to Italy: Getting married Italian Style

I couldn't help but post a link to this blog since Leanne is living in the Comune di Malito where my mother was born. As I read this I found myself laughing out loud as I can totally relate to some of the things she is feeling and expressing here. I myself had a *modest* Italian Wedding - by modest I mean there were only 200 people compared to my sisters almost 500! Being first generation Canadian, I refused to allow my parents or in laws to pay for any of it, especially since my sister had just gotten married the year before (she also paid for her own wedding but don't worry - she *could* afford it!)

Of course, my parents were worried when I told them that my future husband and I had decided that we were going to get married in a park with a white denim wedding dress and all the guests in jeans and that we would be serving KFC as the main meal in a picnic type reception. My father actually believed me and harassed my mother for weeks of just what kind of figura I was going to make. In a panic he called my sister who was also my Matron of Honour and begged her to reason with me. Needless to say, my sister thought it was quite funny to continue to allow Dad to think I was going to be married this way ...

So what happens next? I took my Mother and Mother in Law dress shopping and tried on a few dresses for them. I had promised my future husband that I would not spend more than $1000.00 on a dress. Of course, the *Mothers* had different ideas. The dress they chose for me was almost 7 times that amount and despite the arguing I somehow got roped into buying (and paying) for that dress!

I should have had that wedding in the Park.....