Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday- Old Letters & Pictures 1949

Envelope Addressed to Giovanni Polito

A few years back I inherited a box full of "treasures" that belonged to my Great Grandfather, Giovanni "John" Polito. I found several keepsakes in this box and some very interesting old letters, written to John by his son in law and my Grandfather Ernesto Salvati. Ernesto was still living in Malito at the time and John was living in Sequendo, Colorado where my Grandmother Erminia was born.

My favourite is this letter asking John for help in finding a husband for his daughter so that they could make the move to America. This daughter happened to be my mother and enclosed was a very beautiful picture of my mother as a young girl and one I had never seen before..
R. Salvati

Since it was in bad shape I posted it on Rootschat where the members work on restoring old and damaged photos. If you've ever used Rootschat before then you know exactly what I mean when I say they do amazing work. If you haven't then I strongly suggest you give it a try. You won't be disappointed.


Wendy said...

Oh how cool! There's nothing like old letters to help us better understand ancestors. What a beautiful photograph of your mother.

nuccia said...

Thanks Wendy. It'd one of my favourites and makes me realize how much my sister looks like Mom. Yes, old letters are definitely a great insight into our ancestors lives.

Stefania said...

Thank you very much for the hint!
I found really helpful, a great resource.
Thanks again for posting

nuccia said...

I'm so glad you found Rootschat helpful Stefania! Have you submitted any pictures to them yet?