Friday, August 20, 2010

Missing Mom and Dad

My parents left for Italy last Wednesday as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I'm not used to not calling my mother at least once a day or stopping by her house for coffee so naturally I have manged to call her almost every day since she's been gone. Thankfully I have downloaded Skype so I am able to call her for almost next to nothing. I purchased 10 Euros of credits on my credit card and can call any house or mobile phone for perhaps 25 cents per eight minutes. If I call a computer it costs nothing and we can use our webcams as well.

My parents have been staying in Locri mainly and going to the mare often which is only about 500 m from Dad's family's home. I remember waking up early when I was visiting and heading out to watch the fishermen and sunrise. Here is a view of what the sea looks likes

Today they went to mom's hometown of Malito in Cosenza to visit with one of her aunts. She also visited the cemetery where most of her family is buried. Tomorrow they will be visiting Reggio Calabria to see dad's oldest sister who is 94 years old.

So far it sounds like they're having a great time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surname Saturday - Turco

It's been a busy summer.  I always slow down with my personal research around this time of year and try to enjoy the weather.  Besides, I lose focus after looking at the same files for several months.  Tonight I was able to find another ancestor - daughter to my 4rth great grandmother Petranilla Spina.  Maria Rosantonia was the second child of Petra and Lorenzo Macchione born about 1810 in Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria.  On 18 May 1830 she married Nicola Turco, son of Antonio and Domenica Bruno who was born on 08 Nov 1810 in Paterno, Cosenza, Calabria.

Nicola and Rosantonia had several children - 9 that I can account for.  Of those only 4 survived.  5 died within the first 4 years of their lives - and all but one died in August.  3 died in 1842 which makes me wonder if there was some kind of virus floating around that year.  Below is a list of the names of these children.

2.    i.    ANTONIO GIOVANNI3 TURCO, b. 17 Feb 1831, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria.
    ii.    PALMA MARIA TURCO3, b. 31 Mar 1833, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria; d. 23 Aug 1836, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria4.
    iii.    CARMINA GIOVANNA TURCO5, b. 14 Jul 1835, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria; d. 10 Aug 1842, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria6.
    iv.    MARIA GESUALDA TURCO7, b. 26 Dec 1837, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria; d. 02 Aug 1842, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria8.
    v.    ROSARIA TURCO9, b. 17 Apr 1840, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria.
    vi.    FRANCESCA TURCO10, b. 15 Mar 1842, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria; d. 06 Dec 1842, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria11.
    vii.    GIOVANNI TURCO12, b. 09 Oct 1843, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria.
    viii.    FRANCESCA TURCO13, b. 25 Jun 1846, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria; d. 24 Aug 1848, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria14.
    ix.    FRANCESCO TURCO15, b. 24 Jan 1849, Belsito, Cosenza, Calabria.