Saturday, February 12, 2011

The last few months have been a complete and total nightmare. It started last fall when my parents arrived home from celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary by taking a trip to Italy. Something told me things weren't right when I spoke to my father a few times and he was complaining of being tired a lot and was often sleeping. His voice also seemed quite hoarse. My father, a two time cancer survivor (both times in the throat) annually visits a specialist but his next appointment was scheduled in October and since it was now the end of September there was no reason to move it up.
Shortly after he arrived home he visited with doctors and to make a long story short was diagnoised with cancer of the bladder. Because he had had symptoms for a while (which he chose to ignore), the cancer was advanced and they were concerned it had spread. To make matters worse he was told his throat cancer had returned for a third time. Also an additional lump formed (also cancer) on the outside of his neck which my mom found.
So began the surgeries. In October and December he had two procedures done on his bladder which will be followed by radiation treatments. The doctor who performed these procedures had no bed side matter to say the least - but I won't get into that now.
Yesterday dad underwent a 7 hour procedure to remove the cancers. The cancer was well behind the voice box but they did manage to remove it all. He had a
tracheotomy done and will unfortunately now have a permanent hole in his throat to help breathe. He also had the lump removed and skin grafting done to cover the area.
I haven't seen him yet since they don't want many visitors for the next 48 hours while they monitor him closely for any sign of infection. Hopefully I will get to see him later on today.


cefalo2 said...

Hi Nuccia,
I'm so sorry your dad is going through this. Your family will be in my prayers.

nuccia said...

Thanks Carm. He's been doing well. We saw him briefly earlier in the week but then I got sick so wasn't allowed in. Will be heading over with the family later this afternoon.