Friday, March 11, 2011

Giovanni Polito

 My Maternal Great Grandfather

Giovanni Polito circa 1908

John Polito was my great grandfather and the first person I began my research with.  He was born Giovanni Politi on 5 Nov 1883 in Belsito, Cosenza, Italy to Domenicantonio Politi and Rachele DeMarco.
On 30 January 1904 he was, like other 21 year old males, registered for the draft but I'm not sure he actually served since on  24 Sept of that year he married Vincenza Macchione, daughter of Lorenzo Macchione and Rosa Nucci and in June of 1905 he left with two friends heading for Glasco New york and then onto work in the Mines in Segundo, Colorado.
John's Ship Manifest - Click for Larger View
Giovanni changed his name to John Polito - not sure if this was done on purpose to become more accepted as an American or if like many immigrants he just somehow 'inherited' the name - but in any event the name stuck with him until his death.
In 1908, Vincenza joined her husband in Colorado and in August 1910 their first child, Antonio was born. In March 1912, my grandmother, Erminia was born.  Shortly afterward Vincenza became pregnant again with her third child, Eugenia but she didn't enjoy living in the United States and so she made her way back to Malito, Cosenza, Italy with her children.  John on the hand hand loved being an American and chose to stay in Colorado.  Unfortunately he never saw his wife and children again, nor did he ever meet his youngest daughter although they did correspond through letters.