Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating San Giuseppe in Italy- 2011

Locri, Reggio Calabria - P. Serafino
Well number one son has been gone for just over two weeks now and I think I have talked to him more in the last 16 days than I have in the last year. As much as he's enjoying his visit he's missing home right now and informed me he's in count down mode. One month is a long time to be away from home - especially when you're in a foreign country and on your own. He did however love Locri (as I knew he would) and is now back in Guardavalle, Catanzaro for a few days. Hopefully he will be in Rome next week for a few days, then back to Savona until he leaves for home at the end of the month.

The biggest challenge for him I think when he arrived was the language barrier. Being a first generation Canadian myself, I never really learned *proper* Italian (but I do a mean dialect) and so I never taught my children to speak it. In hindsight I think it's one of the single biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life and had I to do it over I would have at least taught them the basics. I did almost fall off my chair last week when during one of our daily SKYPE conversations he slipped up and told me to hang on a minute in a somewhat attempt to speak Italian.

The second biggest challenge for him was trying to figure out who all the 'family' is. I have always considered my kids fortunate because not only do they have their cousins but they have a wonderful group of neighbour's who have taken care of them since I can remember. We have always considered them family and probably always will. But I never stopped and thought about how he would feel with all this new family thrown at him or what he would think about always having them around. Family plays such a huge part in Italian families. They do so much together which is something that has been lost during the generations here so I wonder how this will affect, or even if it will affect how he feels about family when he arrives home.

Zippuli/Zeppoli Calabrese
Since today is also San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) my son will have the opportunity to enjoy this special day and eat 'zippuli'. While many people think of pastries when they think of Zeppoli (cream puffs) ours look more like the ones posted on the right, which I prefer, and which are stuffed with anchovies or covered in sugar.

Meanwhile I want to wish all the Giuseppe's and Giuseppina's out there a special Auguri!