Friday, March 4, 2011

Savona, Genoa
After weeks of of anticipation, Number One son finally arrived in  Italy yesterday. After a few hiccups(  plane was late arriving in Rome so he missed his connecting flight) he finally made to Genoa where Simy picked him up. I spoke to him several times yesterday and although he sounded tired he was doing well.
He has very ambitious plans for his visit; he is planning to tour several cities in both Northern and Southern Italy and hopes to take in an Italian soccer game, which by the way is his main reasoning for visiting!
I asked him to keep a journal of his trip but of course since he is young, I doubt that's going to happen.  I'm looking forward to seeing Italy through his eyes and hearing about all the places he visits. 

Meanwhile, Number 2 and 3 children have pretty much moved into his room(s) where they have spent the last couple of days doing -well I'm not sure what they're doing but all I know is that they have been quiet for a change and home all the time which is rare for my kids.

On another note: don't forget to watch the 5th episode of Who Do You Think You Are tonight featuring 80's pop musician Lionel Richie as he unravels the ancestral mystery of his beloved grandmother, a music teacher.


NickMGombash said...

Awww, they miss him! I hope he has a great time!