Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surname Saturday - Andrianò

For Surname Saturday today I would like to feature the surname Andrianò

Ardore Stemma
My paternal great grandmother was Maria Andrianò [1851-1915] the daughter of Domenico [Giuseppe] and Rosa Chricosta of Ardore, Reggio Calabria. In 1873 she married Rocco Angilletta of Gioiosa Ionica, Reggio Calabria and together they had 9 children. She died  when she was only 64 years old.
Like many Italian women of that time Maria endured many hardships in her life. She lost two children, a boy and girl, when they were very young which is tragic on it's own.
By 1904 her life would change.  Her two oldest sons, like many other young men of that time, set sail for the U.S. and her oldest daughter attempted to follow. She never made that trip. But I think one of the hardest parts of Maria's life was when her two middle sons were charged with a brutal and violent crime they didn't commit that same year.  One of her sons was only a minor - the other a 24 year old young man who spent 14 years in  a prison in Florence for this crime.  The manuscripts for the details of the crime are 412 pages long...
By Feb 1915 she saw her two youngest sons leave for WW1 - She would never see ANY of her sons again.  She died in April of 1915. In May 1915 her youngest son was wounded at War and in a hospital somewhere in Northern Italy recovering.  In Aug of that same year her other son died at war just before his 26th birthday and six months before his daughter would be born.

Maria Andrianò Pedigree

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Jacqi said...

A couple days ago, I had seen an interview on GeneaBloggers. Long name (Erminia Angilletta), nice pic. I didn't read it, though, but just scrolled through.

Today, I happened to be back on that site and realized that interview was talking about YOU!!! I never knew your name, only knew you as Nuccia. Now that I have the two connected in my mind, I was really keen on reading the article!

A really great write-up for you! Glad to see you are back to posting after your hiatus last summer. I always enjoy reading your posts.

nuccia said...

Thanks so much Jacqi! I appreciate the feedback. My next post will be about how I blew up my PC! (I'm special like that - I repel technology) Am trying to re install everything now and look forward to getting back!

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Thanks for commenting on my post - I really appreciate the feedback; keeps me going! ;-)