Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RootsTech 2013 - Can I weigh in here?

After reading the post written by the Genealogy Nitpicker on her critique of RootsTech 2013 I couldn't resist the urge to jump on the bandwagon and add my two cents - for all it's worth.  It seems the author was not overly impressed with this years selection of Official Bloggers chosen nor did she seem keen of the conference itself and so decided to knock pretty much everything about the event. 

I want to start off first by saying that she did make some valid points.  The selection process and  criteria used may have been slightly skewed and unclear.  Most of the bloggers chosen were repeat bloggers with a few 'locals' thrown in for good measure.  And there was no clear requirements outlined as to posting.

Ok, Miss Ginger - I hear you on this one.  Being a blogger for a selected  community can be frustrating.  Top anything is usually given to the same sites/people year after year.  Making the Top 10, 40 or even 100 list is virtually impossible since the better known and heavier trafficked sites fill up most spots.  I rarely bother to read who 'makes' the cut anymore because I can pretty much guess who will be in there.

While I don't dispute the content of your post I do have concerns about your delivery.  Attacking people you call 'friends' not only doesn't earn you any brownie points but isn't productive.  Your issue is with the selection process and the organizers of the event and not the people who attended/didn't attend.  There are lines between critiquing, nitpicking and just down right bitching. A critique I enjoy - the other two - not so much.

Your comments against Thomas MacEntee were simply uncalled for and unkind.  I do not 'run' with Thomas. We don't buddy up for coffee and I am probably number 500 on his dance card. The man IS busy.  He pours his heart and soul into whatever he is doing and without ever stepping on anyone's toes.   When I began blogging it was he who welcomed and introduced me to the world of Genea Bloggers.  Since then I have messaged him several times for all kinds of advice or with stupid questions and hair brained ideas.  He has ALWAYS found the time to reply (usually fairly quickly) and tried to answer every question thoroughly, with patience and without ever making me feel stupid or out of my league.  My question to you is just what the hell is a cat herder?  I have a few ideas but if any of them are correct then you just basically slammed every geneablogger out there.  Way to earn respect, Ginger.  In spite of this Thomas replied with class - as always.  To read his reply visit his post titled  Dear Diary: It Seems I’ve Been a Bad Official Blogger .

As for Dear Myrtle  how dare she not live up to your expectations and choose to do more video interviews instead of playing Ernest Hemingway for your amusement! And to actually stop and have a proud mama moment and watch her daughter instead of blogging about the conference - well the shame of it all! After all when you are an Official Blogger you should not try and enjoy any of the event for fear your readers will miss something.  Doesn't she know she has responsibilities? Maybe she should have checked with you first to ensure her priorities were in line with yours?   Oh but I do have one complaint with her blog - the font is too small.  No wait - that's just me. My eyesight is going so no, I don't have any complaints about her blog. 

I'm not going to get into the rest of them because my post is just going to get sillier.  I don't know you nor have I ever heard of you before this and you more than likely don't know me.  Do I tweet - yea, kinda - when I can figure our how to use the hashtags and when I have something worth tweeting about.  Do I blog - probably not very well or enough to make a difference but again, yea.  Facebook?  I rock that - I can share a thousand pics with my friends.  Do I live, sleep and breathe genealogy - unfortunately no. I am a mom first with a full time job. This is my hobby which I have been doing for several years.   Have I ever attended RootsTech - nope.  Would I like to?  YUP one day.  Would I care that it catered to newbies (like me)?  Not at all.  If it didn't meet my expectations then I either set then too high, or I should find a new genre to excite me..

I would have continued to read your blog - you are an excellent and interesting writer.  But looking back through your posts it really does have negative feel to it. My feedback to you is if you want to be selected, recognized or respected by those who share your passion then earn it.  Give out as much as you would like to receive and then add 100% to that.  Expect nothing and be kind.  The rest will follow.

And for the sake of everything that is sacred to you - learn to enjoy life and quit nitpicking.  It doesn't become you. 


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for the great pot and the kind words - and I'm glad that you decided to be part of the conversation. Like me, you were able to see the valid points of the discussion but took issue with the delivery method.

I still think that as a community we are all better for having this conversation and I hope your post will encourage others to keep the discussion going . . .

nuccia said...

Thank you Thomas for everything you and the others do and for always making us feel like a part of the team. Yes, the conversation was needed. I do realize the authors frustration and do appreciate the courage it took for her to write what was probably one many people's minds - I just feel it could have been handled better. Hopefully now that the cat is out of the bag it will open things up for positive changes. :)

Bren said...

Enjoyed that read too!