Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Enough Already

Summer is turning out to be not what I expected.  Since I hurt myself at work in May I've been home which wouldn't be so bad except for the fact I can't do much.  I just know it's going to take me days to write this.  Typing with one hand is not fun..  So I have been filling my days (and nights since I am up almost all night every night it seems) reading.  I've learned a lot and it really has been great to be able to catch up on things but I have also seen and read a lot of things I wish I hadn't.

By now the whole genealogy world knows, has heard of or is talking about the whole  Cindy vs Barry "thing".  This is where one person files a lawsuit against another person for copyright infringement and  the other person counter sues for defamation.  The outcome - both sides have dismissed all claims with prejudice.

Ok..so why then can the rest of the world not just let this go?????  People this has been to court where it has been handled and both parties are not to talk about it and since no one has paid the 'big bucks' to actually see and hear what happened during the trial we should not be talking, judging or continuing this conversation.  Period.

I am not siding with one person or the other - at least not publicly.  I only know what I have read online which as far as I am concerned without the actual trial details (which I am not about to pay for) is only speculation. I understand people are upset - really I do but I think the whole genealogy community seems to have let this takeover their lives and have lost focus.  The only people who are being quiet about it are the people who were directly involved - maybe we should follow suite?  If you take issue with what someone has *supposedly* done then don't support them or their site. That's YOUR choice but please - stop with the public insults and accusations. It's not also wrong but very unprofessional and I am sure not totally legal either.

Unless of course you want to end up in court yourself for defamation or liable.  Then that can be YOUR choice too.

Just saying...