Sunday, September 7, 2014

My New/Not So New House

Wow - a year passes quickly and I realized I haven't written anything here in at lest that long!  So much has happened that it's hard to know where to even begin.  Genealogy wise I haven't done anything much on my own ancestry but thanks to the Calabria Exchange, Facebook group and all my other sites I've been approached by so many people that I did take on several clients who I managed to help this year.

In other news - the basement reno is still going on. What started out as replacing the old knob and tube wiring a couple of years ok has turned into a full blown remodel of my now oldest son's place of residence. Since we gutted all the walls and ceiling anyway we decided to change the whole layout downstairs and add a shower to the old two piece bathroom.  We moved the old duct work from the center of the room to the side, added a walk in and linen closet, expanded the laundry room and are now working on a new staircase.  Most of the work is being done by us but time is definitely a factor and to be honest renovations are not as easy as they used to be. Maybe it's because we're older but the energy and sense of urgency is just not the same as it was ten years ago!  Of course living with one toilet for almost a year with 5 people in this house was next to impossible so we finally got that put in!

Six Layers of shingles
Of course the basement wasn't the only giving us trouble.  We had the roof from hell which has been begging for a do over for a couple of years.  Flat roofs really suck because they are so hard to maintain and very costly to repair so it's hard to find reputable companies to take on the job but after the extremely 'wet' season we had [which began last fall] we realized we could no longer wait to have a new one put in - especially since my daughter's room, the skylight, hallway and stairway ceiling was now showing obvious signs of water damage.  There were also signs of mold on the old skylight which had dropped 4 inches from where it should sit.

Alpine Roofing
We were lucky to find a great company who specializes in flat roofs with an excellent reputation    [and yes, I would totally recommend them] that sent a crew in and had the roof, shingles, skylights and all downspouts replaced in a couple of days. These guys were amazing! They never stopped for a minute and were there until well after 10 pm the first night. For the first time in years I no longer cringe when it rains and while the cost was close to a second mortgage all on it's own I am so relieved it's done!  Will post more pics of the renos soon and am really looking forward to spending some time researching this Fall/Winter in my nice, dry office!


Jacqi Stevens said...

So glad to see you back! What a relief it must be to have all that work done!

I totally agree: renovation work seems so much different now than years ago. If nothing else, I sense the urgency to get the job done, just because I've lost the patience to put up with the status quo of construction. I want to get back to normal--especially a new normal!

nuccia said...

Hi Jacqi! So nice to see you again! Hope things are well with you. Yes, I am back - or rather will be right after I repair the oven today! ;)

bruno said...

Nuccia,have a look at my blog.I've added a few new posts

bruno said...

I've added a few new posts to my blog.