Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day

Calabria Exchange
Today is Family Day here in Ontario which means no work or school for many residents of this province.  Family Day was only established as a holiday here since 2007 bringing our stats holiday count to 9 per year.  Unfortunately for many us we are starting the day off by shoveling the snow that fell here during the night.  We can't really complain much as it hasn't been a really bad winter so far.
Spent the weekend running back and forth to the hospital.  Also spent most of yesterday cooking.  I learned that when making gnocchi ( from scratch)  *never* make more than a few potatoes at a time unless you want to spend the next six hours in the kitchen rolling and forming them.  Imagine making almost 300 of these small things?  Thank God for freezers or I would have ended up inviting the whole neighborhood over for dinner!
 It's also not a good idea to make homemade pizzas at the same time.  I started cooking at about 10 am and by the time I sat down it was almost 8 pm!  But at least my mother ate a decent meal as she has been at Dad's side every day, the whole day since he went in for surgery on the 11th of this month.
I did have the chance to do a bit of researching as well this weekend (although not as much as I would have liked to).  I updated a few pages on the Calabria Exchange and added some new records to the Cardeto pages.  Still behind in updating the Surname Database, though.  I think it's time to either invest in a program or get some help.  It's growing so quickly that I honestly can't keep up using plain html code.  Anyone out there who is interested please let me know.


DBM said...

Mmmmm!!! Gnocchi!!! Esquisiti!!!

NickMGombash said...

I want some gnocchi!!