Monday, February 15, 2010

Coversation with Mom - Sometime in 2008

"Hi Ma..Che fa?"
"Nothing..I just watching a bit of TV with your father. Nothing good..just the news. "
"Oh, that's nice. Ma..listen. I gotta ask you something. Your parents got married on Feb 16, 1930, right?"
"Yea - why?"
"Oh nothing, I was just wondering." I pause thinking there's no easy way to ask this so I blurt out "Your brother was born in October that same year, right?"
"Yea, so?" - Mom's defensive tone kicks in here. She knows what's coming- I can tell.
"Well ma, it's not quite nine months, you know?"
"So what? He was born a couple of weeks early."
"Yea, that must be it", not quite convinced but it is possible.
My father yells in the background, "Tell her to go cook something for her kids and lasa perdere the 'research' ".
Of course I hear him . Everyone can hear him since he's not the quietest man in the world, but by mom feels the need to tell me what he says anyways.
"Your father says you should go cook and forget this nonsense.".
"Yea..tell him maybe I'll make Hamburger Helper tonight". Ok, so I knew that would set them off but I couldn't resist.
"EEWWW..porcheria", mom says. Goal achieved! hehe....
"Looka, I gotta go now. Your brother just got home and brought me a Biga Mac. Don't tell anyone about that, ok?"
"Of course not, ma. Who am I gonna tell?" I say and she hangs up before I have a chance to say anything else.

Big Mac??? And she was calling Hamburger Helper porcheria?