Friday, April 23, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #15 Follow Up

Just posting a follow up to Challenge #15 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy since I had a few comments and personal requests to let everyone know how I made out with my letter to the Comune of Ardore requesting one of my ancestors birth and marriage Acts. Yesterday, Riccardo Bruno  - a personal friend and researcher who has been helping me in tracing my roots emailed me the copies I had asked for.  Of course, I knew he wouldn't let me down as he never does.  So the answer to the question - how long did it take to get an answer?  Under two weeks! 
Vincenzo Angilletta Birth Act
Vincenzo Angilletta was born on 27 Oct 1877 in Ardore, birth record number 146, his father Rocco was 35, he was born in a house in the country.
Vincenzo Angilletta got married in Ardore on 31 August 1911, with Maria Dattola (born in Reggio Calabria on 27 March 1896, birth record number 517, daughter of Diego and Dattola Fortunata)
At time of marriage she declares to be 18, but her real age is 15 (born on 1896 and got married in 1911), while Vincenzo was 33.