Thursday, April 29, 2010

Email from my Daughter

Ok, so growing up we never had everything we wanted *but* my parents always made sure we had everything we needed. There was never a shortage of food, clothes or nice furnishings. At 13 I had my first part time job in a hair salon as a shampoo girl after school on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pay wasn't great but the tips were good and it was just up the street from my house so it was convenient, fun and I could walk there and back safely. By the time I was 18 I had had a few jobs and enough money in the bank to help my parents out with a few of their smaller bill payments and some new clothes for me.
I got a good job that year and decided it was time for my own phone line. Back then there weren't such things as cell phones (at least not that I remember) so I had to get my own land line put in. Now keep in mind I had to do this *without* letting my father know so I dial up the local phone company and request my phone. Easy right? Not so easy - it turns out that it was a two hour job as they had to drill through the brick house to run the additional phone line. Yes, I got caught and I did get in trouble but I was allowed to keep the line as long as I took care of the expenses. 30 years later I still live in the neighbourhood and I still have the same number..
About a year ago my daughter had decided that she liked my cell phone so she claimed it as her own. But of course, now the cell is old, and quite abused do she sent me this little email the other day -
mother, I don't know if I get an upgrade for my phone, or when the plan expires or whatever but I am so ready for a new phone, I'll pay as much as I can but I REALLY want one of these phones, and you can get whatever phone you want cause I want my OWN phone, they all have cameras , mp3, touch screen, slide keyboard, and you can have the shitty one I have no if you REALLY want .Smile emoticon just since you're sleeping an email seems like the best way to go, and I know we don't have money and what not, but don't I get an upgrade plus they're all LG's so I already have a sim card, but if I go for a new contract, you can have the sim card that I have now, and just get a phone . so then we'll both have our own phones instead of me always stealing yours . so yes, think about it, I think it's a pretty good idea Winking smile emoticon .
She attached a list of phones complete with pictures and details that she would like. At 500.00 each or a 3 year contract I don't think so. Maybe I should ask my father what he thinks....