Saturday, May 29, 2010

Písečný - Surname Saturday

Been out enjoying the weather that last week and doing some much needed gardening and repairs around the house. The heat and humidity have been brutal but honestly, I prefer it over winter any day. I have been doing a bit of research on my husband`s paternal side of the family this week. My father in law passed away at 33, when his wife was only a few months pregnant with my husband so we know very little about him or his Slovakian family but with the help of facebook I have been able to connect with some of his relatives and have learned the names of my husband`s Slovakian grandparents, Anton Pisecny and Ann Skanderova and their dates of birth. I also learned that my father in law first visited Chicago when he arrived to the US at about 18 years old and lived with an Aunt before he moved to Ontario. Now to find the ship manifest which is proving to be quite difficult since I believe he was a stowaway.
I am also grateful that many of my husband`s distant cousin do read and write English so communication has not been so much of a problem as I first thought.
I have nothing much to share at this point but as I learn more I will post it.