Friday, August 20, 2010

Missing Mom and Dad

My parents left for Italy last Wednesday as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I'm not used to not calling my mother at least once a day or stopping by her house for coffee so naturally I have manged to call her almost every day since she's been gone. Thankfully I have downloaded Skype so I am able to call her for almost next to nothing. I purchased 10 Euros of credits on my credit card and can call any house or mobile phone for perhaps 25 cents per eight minutes. If I call a computer it costs nothing and we can use our webcams as well.

My parents have been staying in Locri mainly and going to the mare often which is only about 500 m from Dad's family's home. I remember waking up early when I was visiting and heading out to watch the fishermen and sunrise. Here is a view of what the sea looks likes

Today they went to mom's hometown of Malito in Cosenza to visit with one of her aunts. She also visited the cemetery where most of her family is buried. Tomorrow they will be visiting Reggio Calabria to see dad's oldest sister who is 94 years old.

So far it sounds like they're having a great time.