Saturday, March 13, 2010

Footnote's Census Records: Free for a Limited Time

As originally Posted by Diane Haddad

Historical records subscription site Footnote is making its US census records free for a limited time.

Footnote spokesperson Justin Schroepfer says there’s not yet a firm ending date, but the records will be free at least through the end of this month.
You’ll need to register as a free member to view the records.

Footnote is carrying out plans to host the complete US census back to 1790.

Here are the census records on the site so far:
- the complete 1860 census
- 5 percent of 1900
- 3 percent of 1910
- 3 percent of 1920
- 98 percent of 1930

When you find a relative’s record, click the “I’m Related” button for a name on the document to identify yourself as a relative and see others who’ve done the same. You also can see others’ photos, stories and comments related to the record. (See Footnote’s tips for starting family history and making the most of its interactive census collection.)