Friday, March 19, 2010

San Giuseppe

Happy San Giuseppe - or St Joseph's Day! The day is named after Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a day celebrated in Italy by making, and eating Zeppoli (or in my dialect we call them Zippoli). Some refer to these as Cream Puffs but the traditional ones we make at home have no cream or custard in them. Personally they are more of a doughnut in my opinion. Mom always makes hers with anchovies - not just *any* anchovies but the small ones that come in the cans like the Unico brand. She breaks up the fillets and in her homemade dough (you can substitute for store bought pizza dough if you know of a place that makes a really good dough - although Mom still prefers to make her own) and stuffs a piece or two of the fillets. Then she pulls them slightly and twists them and deep fries them. For those of who don't like the anchovies, she simply fries the dough and sometimes tops them with sugar. I will be heading out to her place later to eat - I mean make - some! Have a great day!


John Frank said...

Sounds like fun! Make sure you wear red today!