Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surname Saturday - Chiricosta

Working on the surname database this morning. I have had and extremely large amount of entries in the last two weeks so I am a bit behind. It didn't help that I chose to sleep in this morning, but I guess I needed it.
This week has been about analyzing information that I have already found. I'm not sure about any of you, but sometimes I find I get so caught up in entering the information into my database that I forget to actually *look* at it. I also found that it is good to sometimes walk away from a search and revisit it later. You tend to notice things you may have missed before. I have also found that sourcing everything and creating notes has helped me from having to start all over again. Since I have always liked charts, the Research Calendar found on Ancestry has been very useful. What I didn't realize is that Ancestry provides charts in several different languages so I took advantage and downloaded the Italian version of it too.
So, I have traced my Chiricosta line back to the mid 1700's and in the process found that one of my ancestors married a woman with the name of Cottone - a Sicilian name. This now gives me a new branch to follow and one which I am definitely excited about. Meanwhile, here is the link to the Chiricosta's I have charted so far. Look for updates as I have many more to enter as records go up on the Calabria Exchange- Ardore Index.