Sunday, May 9, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #19

Challenge #19 is all about exploring the Military Archives of the country you are researching so since this is one of my favourite resources to use, I had to post about it. If you remember the post about my Great Uncle Giuseppe Macchione, I mentioned the Albo dei Caduti della Grande Guerra . This site lists all Italian WW1 Fatal Causalities.

The original records for these persons and for adult males, can be found in the Provincial or State Archives in Italy. After 1865, all Italian males had to register for military service upon turning 18 and these records can be especially helpful if you are still searching for your ancestors place of birth. This is the link to the National Archive site. The site is in Italian but you can view it in English as well.

Enrico Angilletta WW1 Draft Registration
Military records and draft registration cards in Italy are a great resource. Page one of the draft registration cards provide the name of the person, his parents names, birthdate, and where he lived - the town and district.
Enrico WW1 Draft Registration Page 2
Page two of the draft card provides a physical description of the person, the date he registered and the Military station he was assigned. Unfortunately, this particular Uncle of mine did not survive the war but I have not been able to find his actual Military records to date. For more information this article on using Military and Conscription Records is definitely worth a read.