Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - My Matrilineal Line

I should have posted this Saturday Night but since I haven't really been around too much this weekend it is a few days late. Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is presented over at Genea-Musings. So here goes...

Mom (1932 to Present)
Erminia Polito (30 Mar 1912 Las Animas, Colorado - 12 Oct 1974 Yonkers, Westchester County, New York
Vincenza Macchione (21 Jan 1883 Malito, Cosenza, Italy - 1959 Malito, Cosenza Italy)
Rosa Nucci ( Abt 1855 Malito, Cosenza, Italy - After 1908 Malito, Cosenza Italy)
Francesca Pirozzo (21 Jan 1811 Malito, Cosenza, Italy - 29 Jan 1888 Malito, Cosenza, Italy)
Orsola Bombini ( Abt. 1780, Grimaldi, Cosenza, Italy - Bef. 1889, Cosenza, Italy)

Looking through this list I realize that I still need to source a few things and firm up some dates. I have never had a mitochondrial DNA test or any DNA testing done but it is something that I have been thinking about for a while. Perhaps this year I will have one done.


NickMGombash said...

Colorado? New York?! How'd you come to be a Canadian girl? haha :-p

I've been thinking about DNA tests as well. I'm curious about my paternal line from Hungary. Maybe I really DO descend from Attila the Hun! On my mom's paternal line I need to have my uncle or a cousin get the test done for me, to compare with the other Rodgers researchers and then I'm really curious about my mom's maternal line. It's traced back to a tiny village called Hohenweg in Germany in the mid-1700's.

The Persian said...

YAY! I have always been fascinated with my matrilineal line! I made posts on it before. Thanks for sharing!

nuccia said...

Thanks Jim..mine is not as complete as yours but I'm hoping to get there!

nuccia said...

Nick-Grandma was born in Colorado but moved back to Italy as a toddler and married an Italian so she lost her citizenship but was able to pass it to her youngest daughter (a minor) who used it to move to the US. My grandparents and Uncle followed. My mom married a Canadian, so she came here instead.