Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Soccer 2010

Ok, so you knew I would do it.  I could not let this series of World Cup Soccer go by and not at least put my two cents in, could I?  As most soccer fans, I have been anticipating this event since the end of the last series four years ago, and like most Italian soccer fans, I have been disappointed so far in the Italian teams performance.  I also haven't been too impressed with Slovakia's performance which is my second favourite choice since my husband's paternal family is from Slovakia.

I'm not really sure what's wrong with the Azzurri this year but they haven't lived up to their reputation at all and run the risk of being eliminated in the second round since they tied their first two games against teams which were ranked much lower than they were.  And to make matters worse, on Thursday, 24 June,  both my teams will face each other and unless one wins the game they BOTH run the risk of being eliminated!  Paraguay currently is leading them both having defeated Slovakia in a 2-0 win in last Sunday' game.  For Italy to advance to the next round they need to win their next game.  They can still advance if they tie the game if Paraguay ties or loses to New Zealand - which is not probable but anything is possible, right?  Then again, Slovakia could also advance and send Italy home.

Thursday should be an interesting series of games.  What are your predictions on this one?