Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My husband mentioned the other day that he liked chocolate eclairs so I thought what better gift then to make him some for Father's Day.  So late yesterday afternoon I braved the heat, turned the oven on and began making these wonderfully sinful treats.  While I would love to tell you that they came out amazing, the truth is they didn't!

I learned this from the experience.

1. Whenever possible, if there is a video on You Tube (or a hundred) on something, watch it *before* attempting to cook it so you'll know what it's supposed to look like.
2.  If the recipes calls for a lot of ingredients and it's the first time you're making something, cut the ingredients in half and make less that way you don't use up all the eggs, butter and flour in the house.
3.  Try and get the proper tools you need to bake.  A plastic bag rolled up as a make shift pastry bag really just doesn't cut it and makes a horrible mess.
4. I can walk to the bakery in less than 10 minutes both ways and buy him some eclairs saving me a lot of time and effort.

Happy Father's Day!