Thursday, April 29, 2010

Email from my Daughter

Ok, so growing up we never had everything we wanted *but* my parents always made sure we had everything we needed. There was never a shortage of food, clothes or nice furnishings. At 13 I had my first part time job in a hair salon as a shampoo girl after school on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pay wasn't great but the tips were good and it was just up the street from my house so it was convenient, fun and I could walk there and back safely. By the time I was 18 I had had a few jobs and enough money in the bank to help my parents out with a few of their smaller bill payments and some new clothes for me.
I got a good job that year and decided it was time for my own phone line. Back then there weren't such things as cell phones (at least not that I remember) so I had to get my own land line put in. Now keep in mind I had to do this *without* letting my father know so I dial up the local phone company and request my phone. Easy right? Not so easy - it turns out that it was a two hour job as they had to drill through the brick house to run the additional phone line. Yes, I got caught and I did get in trouble but I was allowed to keep the line as long as I took care of the expenses. 30 years later I still live in the neighbourhood and I still have the same number..
About a year ago my daughter had decided that she liked my cell phone so she claimed it as her own. But of course, now the cell is old, and quite abused do she sent me this little email the other day -
mother, I don't know if I get an upgrade for my phone, or when the plan expires or whatever but I am so ready for a new phone, I'll pay as much as I can but I REALLY want one of these phones, and you can get whatever phone you want cause I want my OWN phone, they all have cameras , mp3, touch screen, slide keyboard, and you can have the shitty one I have no if you REALLY want .Smile emoticon just since you're sleeping an email seems like the best way to go, and I know we don't have money and what not, but don't I get an upgrade plus they're all LG's so I already have a sim card, but if I go for a new contract, you can have the sim card that I have now, and just get a phone . so then we'll both have our own phones instead of me always stealing yours . so yes, think about it, I think it's a pretty good idea Winking smile emoticon .
She attached a list of phones complete with pictures and details that she would like. At 500.00 each or a 3 year contract I don't think so. Maybe I should ask my father what he thinks....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

Bruno was my Paternal Grandfather's nephew, and his oldest brother, Giuseppe's son. I've managed to collect quite a bit of info on him since his arrival in 1920 (he was 15) but I have not yet found the tombstone for Bruno, his wife Rose or his parents, Joseph and Josephine. I have contacted Find A Grave for help to see if someone can photograph the cemetery where he is buried. Below is a partial copy of his obituary.

Bruno Angilletti
Friday, August 26, 2005
Bruno Angilletti
Sept. 16, 1904–Aug. 24, 2005

Private funeral services for Bruno Angilletti, 100, of Newark, will be held for family on Saturday, at the Reed-Egan Funeral Home, 141 Green Wave Drive, Newark, with the Rev. Robert Penhallurick officiating. Interment will follow in St. Joseph Cemetery.

Bruno Angilletti died in the Hospice wing of LPN Health Care Facility on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2005. He was born in Ardura, Calabria, Italy to the late Joseph and Josephine (Rubino) Angilletti.

Bruno enjoyed spending time gardening, playing cards, watching boxing on TV and cooking. He was very proud of his Italian heritage. He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law,....

In addition to his parents, Bruno was preceded in death by his wife, Rose (Prato) Angilletti.

The family request that memorials be made to Hospice of Central Ohio, 2269 Cherry Valley Road, Newark.

Originally published August 26, 2005
Source Citation: Newspaper: Advocate; Publication Date: 26 Aug 2005; Publication Place: Newark , OH , US

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #17

This weeks challenge is to label old photos so that they can later be easily identified when handed down. If you're like me, you have photos dating back many decades! Being a housewife, mother and working full time this challenge I found was not as simple as I first thought so I have decided instead to split it up by decades and topics and make this an ongoing project - one week is just not enough time to do this all.
First thing I did was make sure I threw out all those old photo albums (you know the ones where your pictures stick to the backing making it impossible to remove them). I purchased new matching photos albums with archival sleeves and some scrapbooks. I cut the pictures out of the old albums with the backing if they were stuck to the glue so that I didn't risk ruining them. Then I began organizing them by time period which is very time consuming but well worth it. I labeled the photo albums accordingly. I also made special albums for each of my children, each in their favourite colour, which not only include copies of any family pictures, but also all their school pictures, report cards and any awards, -all in chronological order and labeled. The kids really enjoyed looking through them and I've heard them talking to their friends about this. I think I will do the same for my nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts this year.
I will be working on the rest of the photos over the next several months. I have started scanning them as well and labeling them this way. I plan to make CD's for everyone and keep a master copy in my Safety Deposit Box along with copies of my Family Tree Files. I created an Gmail account as well in which I have been emailing copies of pictures and files.
Lastly, I put everything up high on a bookshelf with doors to cover them all away from humidity and sunlight.

Friday, April 23, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #15 Follow Up

Just posting a follow up to Challenge #15 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy since I had a few comments and personal requests to let everyone know how I made out with my letter to the Comune of Ardore requesting one of my ancestors birth and marriage Acts. Yesterday, Riccardo Bruno  - a personal friend and researcher who has been helping me in tracing my roots emailed me the copies I had asked for.  Of course, I knew he wouldn't let me down as he never does.  So the answer to the question - how long did it take to get an answer?  Under two weeks! 
Vincenzo Angilletta Birth Act
Vincenzo Angilletta was born on 27 Oct 1877 in Ardore, birth record number 146, his father Rocco was 35, he was born in a house in the country.
Vincenzo Angilletta got married in Ardore on 31 August 1911, with Maria Dattola (born in Reggio Calabria on 27 March 1896, birth record number 517, daughter of Diego and Dattola Fortunata)
At time of marriage she declares to be 18, but her real age is 15 (born on 1896 and got married in 1911), while Vincenzo was 33.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Ernesto and Erminia Salvati

This tombstone belongs to my grandparents and is located in Westchester County, Yonkers, New York and was taken by a kind gentleman who a friend found on Find a Grave.  My grandparents died three months apart with Erminia passing away first in October 1974 at 62 years of age of Leukemia and Ernesto in January 1975, at 69 of a brain tumor.  In spite of this, most of the family believes he actually died of a broken heart - who am I to disillusion them?

My grandparents were married for 44 years and had 4 children together although only three lived. They married in Italy and eventually moved to Yonkers New York where they remained until their deaths.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #15

Earlier this week I enlisted in the help of a very good friend and researcher, Riccardo Bruno to help me write to the Comune of Ardore and request a copy of a Birth and Marriage record of one of my great uncles, Vincenzo Angilletta. I have enlisted in Riccardo's help several times over the years and I can say this much - the man is diligent and thorough. I couldn't recommend his services more since he never fails to deliver. Letters need to be addressed in Italian and since there is no charge for these types of records like there is in Canada or the USA, Riccardo usually supplies a SASE and some stamps to the Comune to help cover the cost of some of their expenses.

Because I have asked Riccardo to write the request on my behalf, I had to also write an additional letter granting him permission to act on my behalf. I also had to enclose a copy of my Photo ID complete with signature.

With any luck I should have my response soon. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow Friday - 9 Apr 2010

I've discovered a few blogs this week that I found fairly interesting and will be following. In no particular order they are: Funeral Cards & Genealogy, and Online Storybooking Tips. Funny enough I had just found a whole stack of funeral cards yesterday while cleaning out my filing cabinet which I had been saving and wondering what to do with so I look forward to "displaying" them. As for Online Storybooking Tips - well lets just say that I will be making a trip to my nearest Photo Center sometime this week and printing out my pictures. The post about our grandchildren finding CD's in the attic and not being able to view them hit home. I also purchased some archival paper, protective corners and archival sheet protectors for my pictures and research.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friday

It's been a busy week. The weather has totally surprised a lot of people as temperatures have set record highs. I never remember Easter Weekend being this warm! But wait - I'm not complaining! I definitely prefer this type of weather to any other. I finally shed my 'ugly green sweater' [which I would die without during the winter] and put on a T-shirt on Friday and headed out to Mom's house for Good Friday Dinner.

Like Christmas Eve, we do not eat meat on Good Friday so the menu consisted of Breaded Shrimp, Calamari, Crab Legs, Bacala [dried codfish soaked in water for several days to remove any extra saltiness, then cooked as desired]. For the kids we made two pizza's - both vegetarian and a plate of pasta with spaghetti sauce, eggs and mozzarella cheese.

For dessert we had sugared Taralli which look something like the cookies on the left and espresso.

Braided Easter Egg Cookie
Of course, no Easter would be complete without Easter Eggs, right? But we do things a bit differently. Mom has always made each family their own 'Easter Egg' Cookie which contains a hard boiled egg for each member in the family. The Easter Eggs are braided and baked dough and sometimes topped with icing sugar or sprinkles. Here is a picture of what one might look like.

We ended the evening off with a huge ice cream cake to celebrate my son's 16th birthday and then watched an episode of Who Do You Think You Are starring Brooke Shields while the men played poker. It was definitely one of the nicest dinners the family has spent together and we are going to do it all again today -but at my house. I'll let you know how it goes on the next post.

Meanwhile, have a safe and Happy Easter!