Saturday, April 16, 2011

16 April

Saturday morning and it's pouring outside. The weather station says it's going to rain all weekend so I plan on using the time to work on the websites and do some light housecleaning.  Problem is I think I sprained my thumb yesterday somehow so it's difficult to really do as much as I would like.
Italian Surname Database
The Italian Surname Database is almost recovered.  Somehow the database crashed last month and in spite of my back up it was impossible to recover without re entering all the information again.  It should be up again this weekend after I add some new controls to keep the spammers from sending me a lot of garbage. I also hope to do some baking this week as it wouldn't be Easter without the traditional Italian 'Braided Easter Egg Cookies and Taralli'.
Pisa at Night
Number 1 son made it home from his trip to Italy and has finally sent me a copy of all the pictures he took.  He took several of the tourist sites and quite a few of my family in the cemetery in Locri which I am grateful for.  It helped with some missing dates and will allow me to go back another generation. I hope to have those up shortly as well.  He enjoyed his trip so much that he's already talking about going back again soon - too soon.  He's also decided that he wants to take his brother with him which I think will be wonderful.  I think he loved Rome the best but also enjoyed Pisa (although he saw it at night as the picture on the right shows) as well as spending time with is cousins in Calabria.