Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well it's already mid June and I feel like I have fallen off the face of the internet world lately. There's so much to do around here and so much happening that I never seem to have enough time to do all the things I *want* to do on top of all the things I *have* to do.
A lot has happened in the last few month's around here. The garden's been planted for the season, a new patio set purchased and the living room and dining room have received a fresh coat of paint. The ceiling has also been repaired from the giant leak we had a while back from the heavy rainfall. The weather seems to be back to normal (if that's possible for Toronto weather) which means I can now hang my laundry outside instead of in the laundry room or in the dryer, which frankly I hate.
Dad started his radiation treatments a few weeks ago and it seems to be going well. He's not had any major issues. Soon, with any luck they will also be inserting the device in his throat that will allow him to talk again. I have to admit - it really sucks not hearing his voice.

Since my son just got his eyebrow pierced yesterday (something I think I will complain about for a very long time), dad not having a voice right now may not be such a bad thing. I can just imagine what he's going to do when he finds out his oldest grandson now looks like a cretino. No doubt the rest of the family will have something to say about it though which means I have to listen to all kinds of lectures about my parenting skills and the freedom I allow my children. Even after 20 years as a mother I still can't seem to raise my kids in the proper Italian way...


cefalo2 said...

Oh Lord - mine has started checking out the tattoo parlors. Keep in mind that some day they will have their OWN teenagers :-)

How's your dad feeling?


nuccia said...

Yes I'm also afraid the tattoo might be next. Dad's feeling pretty good, thanks. He seems to be handling the radiation treatments fairly well. A few more weeks and it will all be over - I hope!